My novel, Forgotten Hero, has been published.  Thank you very much to those fine people at Burning Willow Press for their trust, Edd, Kindra and Sheron.  Also I would like to thank Donna Marie West (my editor) and L. Bachman (my cover artist) for their hard work.

Now you can start your quest to guess. . .

Who is Death?

Forgotten Hero is availabe at Amazon - please use the below link and ENJOY

Yes, I have taken the bull by the horn and got my ass into gear.  And that means… It means that we have a book deal and things are finally starting to happen.  Those nice people at Burning Willow Press and I have signed a contract and …  YES, Forgotten Hero is about to published and finally you can take part and guess…


 More to follow very soon




Happy 2012 to one and all

It has been a good start to the year for me.  I opened up my darker side and produced a short story called Eve of All Hallows that was subsequently selected and published on theHorrorZine website (see the below link)

I would like to thank Jeani Rector for all her help.

Enjoy mine and the other stories on this very cool website.




Greetings again,

Good news

Thanks to those fine people at Kerlak, Siege Warriors is now available as an eBook.  




Google ebook 




Greetings One and All,


Siege Warriors is an Award-Winning Finalist in the Fiction: Short Story Fiction category of the 2010 International Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

Congratulations also to James Gillen with Tortured Skin and William Kooiker with Knight of the Dove who were also finalist in their respective genres.





Greetings One and All,

More exciting news! 

Siege Warrior has been nominated by Book News USA  in their The International Best Books 2010 Awards for best in the Short Story Fiction category.  Winners and Finalists will be announced sometime late May 2010. 

Fingers crossed!






Unfortunately, no prizes this time for Siege Warriors at The National Best Book 2009 Award, however, I am still pleased to have received the nomination. 

I would like to congratulate James Gillen and Tortured Skin (see links) for being a finalist in the Horror catagory.





Greetings One and All,

Exciting news! 

Siege Warrior has been nominated by Book News USA  in their The National Best Books 2009 Awards for best in Fantasy/Sci-Fi.  Winners and Finalists will be announced sometime late October 2009. 

Fingers crossed!






Below is a review for Siege Warrior entered on Amazon and

3.0 out of 5 stars

Educational Fantasy
July 24 2009
By  J. Hulet " Reviewer"
In his anthology Siege Warriors, Brian G. Murray brings a medieval siege to life through the eyes of a variety of characters. Most of the stories portray cities under siege, surrounded and attacked by an opposing army. The situations described in these stories are similar, but Murray creates diversity by showing the conflict from different points of view.

Other stories take the theme in a different direction. One takes place in a building held by bandits, besieged by soldiers. There are a few other stories that seem less clearly related to the book's theme. The diversity and different themes help to keep the reader engaged.

On the whole I found the stories to be quick, interesting and in some cases very good. My favorite story, "City Reserve," focuses on a man who has lost all reason to live, but finds a reason to fight. Murray’s depiction of the character's sense of loss, abandonment of hope, and desire for revenge is compelling.

Each story stands alone, rather than being connected to the others, and so Siege Warriors is an excellent book to consume a little at a time. A reader can sit down for a quick 30-page read without the need to recall everything that has gone before. I don’t know that I would call this Fantasy because there is very little in the way of magic or mystical creatures, but as entertaining and almost educational storytelling it’s really quite good. —J.H.

See the offical link here -




 Here is the link where you can listen to my interview with Melissa Dixon, or download so you can listen to it again and again.  I would like to thank Melissa for having me on the show - I have a really good time.  I look forward to appearing again




 To all those who I have not mentioned this too - I must be suffering with baby brain, sorry apologies...

Anyway, I will appearing on Blog Talk Radio with Missa Dixon on 7 June at 11 am CET (USA) or 5 pm (UK) time.  We will be discussing everything re: my book Siege Warrior to publishing and whatever else comes up. 

Do join the interview via Urban Homstead Today ( live or you can download after the event.  I will also have a download link when available.

So, do join me on 7th June.


Brian (and yes having sleepless nights)


 OK.  Awesome news first...

My wife has blessed our lifes with Thomas Logan, born 10 May 2009, 3.50am.  Both mum and baby are well, and my baby is possibly the best looking ever (all father's may disagree, and hey, I am bias).

Thanks to the Jersey Hospital Maternity ward, including Dr Ahmed, Midwifes Julie and Sarah.  Also thanks to Sandra in SCBU for looking after my wife and Thomas.

I am so proud and extremely happy.



OK.  Here's the news...  It's out there!  Yes, Siege Warriors has been released.

It is available from:

Amazon USA

Barnes and Noble

Stay tuned and I will update my website with a more formal release and new page, however, for now, do support a new author and I really hope you enjoy my book.




Publication of Siege Warriors is drawing closer. 

Provisional release date will be March 09

The countdown begins...

And around the release date, I may be interviewed on - TBC.

There is also a chance that The Last, a short story I've written, will be published in an anthology provisionally called Dragons Compiled, also due for release in March 09.  Stay tuned and I will, hopefully, bring some good news.




Dear All,

Here's a sneak peak at the cover for Siege Warriors.

Siege Warrior Cover

Pretty cool huh!!!

The release date will soon be announced.




Welcome to my new website.  Thanks Jason, it's looking great.

My new book, Siege Warriors will be available soon.  The cover is in final draft so, should not be long.  Stay tuned for regular updates or some whining and moaning. 

In the meantime, please log onto for other interesting books of different genres.  It is a small publisher, who have put faith in me, and have cool books to read.

I hope you enjoy your stay at my site, I will be posting on a regular basis, and may even sneak in a short story or two.