2,000 years ago evil was defeated at Rhamagabora.
Since then, evil has been planning, plotting its vengeance.
The prophecy is clear.
Mankind is on the brink of extinction, facing the wrath of hell.
The fate of the human race rests on the skills of seven men;
Dax the Axeman, Thade the former gladiator, Gammel the blacksmith,
Tanas the swordsman, Gan-Goran the Magic-Master,
Rayth the former axe-wielder and Zane the young Rhaurien heir.

These heroes must fight both men and mystical beasts,
such as the murderous Talon Hunters, the vicious Shadows or the mighty Caynians.

They must travel deep into hell itself, on a quest to stop evil blackening their souls.

But one of these warriors hides a devastating secret.
One among them was darkness’ own champion – Death.
Can he be trusted?
Has he changed?
Will his secret be discovered before it’s too late?

Heroic Death
Dark Times
Heroes live, heroes die
make up the Death Trilogy.

Can you solve the mystery?