Publication Date: March 2009
Published By: Kerlak Publishing
ISBN 10: 0-978877799
ISBN 13: 978-0-9788777-9-8

Is a siege just a military blockade?

Brian G. Murray introduces you to 12 possibilities, 12 stories,
where his Siege Warriors live with joy, grief, heroism, tragedy,
victory, death and life altering circumstances tainted in blood.

So, is a siege just a military blockade?

After reading his stories, you will be left with one answer:

It is much more!

Lose yourself in twelve very different stories that will take you on a surprising ride into the anatomy of a siege. These unique depictions are told from a wide variety of points of view and motivations. Cringe, cheer, cry, and even laugh with the different warriors as they explore what it means to be under siege.

Fodder - Welcome to the grist of a medieval siege.
Saboteur - Anyone could turn out to be the saboteur.
Hostage - Bandits of the old West.
Healer - A healer's point of view.
Assassin's Aim - A feared and key player in every conflict.
Besieged - Modern pop television meets real demons.
Death's Reaper - The Reaper performs his service.
City Reserves - Conflict impacts more than the soldiers.
Death Clock - There is never enough time.
Scavengers Need to Eat - Even vampyres can fall.
Cream - It is all about tactics.
Patience - Is it all truly a game of patience?

My comments…

A huge thank you goes to Allan Gilbreath who not only kept faith with this project, but helped me through the publishing process.  Mad as it sounds, I had a lot of fun going through the editing process with Allan and the Kerlak gang. 

The twelve stories were originally read by Ashish Patel, and between him and my wife, Jenn, they helped mould this project - one I am very proud of and I owe Ashish my thanks.  I really enjoyed writing this anthology, challenging myself to create different, unique stories around a single theme. I hope you’ll agree it worked. 

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