Publication Date: March 2009
Published By: Kerlak Publishing
ISBN 10: 098237450X
ISBN 13: 978-0-9823745-0-4

Dragons are in a single word, fantastic! They are ubiquitous across the globe. They are featured in art and literature throughout the ages. Dragons can be the living embodiment of all that is dark, frightening, and evil. At the same time, they can represent harmony with nature, the wisdom of the ages, strength, bravery, and so much more.

Dragons can be great snakes or very small in stature. They can be huge reptiles or so immense that they are the very elements of the earth and heavens. Dragons are even immortalized in the stars.

Dragons mean so much to so many people. They fill our stories and teach our lessons in myth and fables. Dragons fly, walk, and swim through our daydreams and nightmares. Lose yourself in fantastic worlds where dragons are real!

My comments…

The Last was written on a cold, blustery Sunday, up in my attic room / office in Thames Ditton.  I was listening to the rain and gusting wind, thinking about sitting on a high rocky outcrop with a warm breeze blowing against my face scanning a desert view… and the story was born.  I really hope to use the character Gemm again in a longer story, but we’ll have to see what the future brings. 
I would like to thank Allan and James at Kerlak Publishing for selecting The Last.
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