Publication Date: September 2007
Published By: Kerlak Publishing
ISBN 10: 0-9788777-5-6
ISBN 13: 978-0-9788777-5-0

Where would we be without fantasy? For as long as we have been telling stories and scratching on cave walls, we have lived in a world populated with beings that can only be glimpsed in our imagination.

This collection of talented writers take us to a place with fantasy so intertwined in our past, present, and future it may difficult to tell where it ends and reality begins. Many cultures, even today, make little to no distinction between our mundane world and the invisible. So do we have a plain world with fanciful stories or something more fantastic?
Under Siege - what would you do if you were under siege?

My comments…
A big thanks goes to William Kooiker who introduced me to Kerlak and their anthologies. Under Siege was the first story I’d written since getting married – so is special to me. I had the plot ready for some time, but did not know whether it would be a novel or a short story. When William mentioned the anthology, I thought, what the heck, use the plot. I wrote the story over a weekend then edited, edited and re-edited and I believe it worked really well.
I would like to thank Allan and Mark at Kerlak Publishing for selecting Under Siege.

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